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80%  Takes On Fitness and Training!

Here at 80% Nutrition, we have been offering portion-controlled, delicious meals to customers since 2016! Our name itself is based on the 80/20 rule--80% of reaching any fitness goal depends on diet and consumption. (Caloric intake, Carbs, Fats, Proteins) 20% is fitness and exercise based!

As we enter 2023, we have decided to step our game up and offer you 100% of the tools you'll need to finally get into the best shape of your life!

Our Training Programs include:

  • 1-on-1 Online Coaching


  • Personalized  Diet and Exercise Plan (This can be incorporated into your meal order with us if you choose!) It will be 100% customized to fit your individual goal, current weight, age, etc. No cookie-cutter plans, no gimmicks.

  • Choose a female or male trainer based on your preference :)



 I thought for the first time, I should introduce myself! My name is Danielle, and I am one of the owners at 80% Nutrition!


As we begin our 7th year in business, I wanted to share a little bit about myself, and what prompted me to start this company that I adore!


It all started about 15 years ago when I got into the fitness industry! Growing up, my aunt (who I was very close to) was a competitive bodybuilder, (what would now be considered figure) my uncle was a bodybuilder as well, and I had spent my entire young life as a competitive gymnast. At 15, I bought myself a gym membership and found that fitness was the ultimate stress-reliever for me. It wasn't until 2010 when I became more involved in the world of competing, where I found myself eating broccoli and tilapia every day for 3 years. (NOT my best food memories haha) I then educated myself on nutrition and became certified in nutrition and personal training.


Many of us have that "ah-ha" moment, and this was mine. I wanted to create a company that allowed me to help people. I wanted to remove the idea the tilapia and broccoli every day was the only way to lose weight. I wanted busy professionals to have the opportunity to eat healthy without having to cook. I wanted families to gain the 3 hours they spent cooking dinner, and spend that time enjoying one another. Here is what I will be offering to my training clients:


As a NASM Certified trainer with a specialty in nutrition and body sculpting, I will create a plan designed for you and you specifically. I have worked with various fitness levels, males and females, and people of all ages. If comfortable, before photos are extremely helpful to assist us as we navigate your fitness journey. Some people opt out of it, and that is also an option :)

I will provide varied workouts guaranteed to get you results if followed. (This is the main thing I will ask from you--EFFORT!)

Bi-weekly check-ins:

It's important each client has an opportunity to check in with me to see how they are doing results-wise. Every 2 weeks, we will go over your improvements, set backs, and more. You will share updated photos if you choose, as well as updated weight/measurements and more. I will use this info to help create an updated plan as necessary, or keep on truckin' with your current plan if results are where we want them to be!

Workout options include:

Gym workouts

Home Workouts with minimal or no equipment

Home/Gym Combo workouts


Each of us has unique food restrictions, favorite foods that they would rather not have to remove while working toward a fitness goal. I am a strong believer in flexible dieting, (macro-based) but have a vast amount of knowledge in the nutrition department. (Hence the reason I create and calculate all recipes for 80% Nutrition.) I will calculate your plan and streamline it to make it as absolutely fail-proof as possible.

I can create a plan for you if you are:




Lactose Intolerant

Allegic to Gluten (Celiac)

Just a picky eater (haha)


As I mentioned in my bio, I come from a long line of fitness specialists and competitors. My brother, an Army Vet and DBC Biomechanics & Human Movement Specialist is an INCREDIBLE trainer, and will manage your training plan if you prefer a male trainer. He has worked with hundreds of clients and seen massive results. 

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