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Choose your pricing plan

  • Home Training Plan

    At-Home Training Program w/ Minimal Equipment
    Valid for 45 days
    • 4 week plan with 3 full workouts per week
    • Customized based on YOUR exercise experience and goal
    • Meal Plan Included, incorporating 80% Meals if you so choose
    • Bi-weekly check-ins with me to make sure you're on track!
    • Need: Medium dumbbells, RESISTANCE BANDS, and Paper Plates
    • Workouts can be repeated twice each week
  • Gym Training Split

    Customized to your individual needs and goals
    Valid for 45 days
    • Customized In-Gym Training Split
    • 4-5 customized training sessions per week
    • Individualized Meal Plan (Can accompany your meals with us)
    • Bi-weekly check-ins with me
  • Glute Growth Program

    Get that Hourglass Shape!
    Valid for 45 days
    • 4 workouts per week
    • Designed to target glutes specifically
    • Home or in-gym plans available
    • Resistance Bands required
    • Nutrition plan included and customized!
  • In-Person Training

    One-on-one training with me 3x per week
    Valid for 45 days
    • 3) 1-hr. sessions per week
    • Personalized Nutrition Plan included
    • Great for keeping yourself accountable
    • Excellent for beginners wanting to learn proper form
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